CHEF RICK WINEMAN began his culinary career in the country inns of eastern Pennsylvania, apprenticed with European chefs at the Hotel DuPont in Delaware, and spent a number of years in Aspen and Vail just as food began to sit up on the plate, and tradition was deconstructed into nouvelle cuisine. At the Los Angeles Convention Center his dedication to quality, culinary innovation and environmental stewardship drew attention and praise from clients at the Grammy Foundation, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and many others. The 2012 All-Stars Baseball game brought him to Angels Stadium of Anaheim where he introduced a new level of sophistication in culinary offerings, operational standards capable of feeding up to 43,000 satisfied guests in one afternoon, and the grilled beef brisket sandwich. 

AL BARILLA: co-founder, managing partner, has seen the restaurant business from the inside out. His knowledge and expertise cover the whole enchilada, literally and figuratively. Top down management experience includes COO, president and purchasing director, along with front-of-the-house savvy as an owner/operator, the keen culinary and artistic eye of a chef, and the refined palette of a steady consumer of trendy cuisine.

His professional connection to Rick Wineman began in 1998, and while their careers took different paths, their friendship remained. Their pursuits include cooking for the fun of it and golf, betting on outcomes with ever-compounding improbability at $5 each. Their shared values of culinary excellence with the best possible service have come together to manifest the concept of Restore Kitchen.

Our values

Food not only sustains life, it engages our senses viscerally–color, texture, balance, flavors triggering special memories, smells taking us back to our mothers and grandmothers tables...

Restore Kitchen exists to share the pleasures and benefits of craft food and drink, celebrating both tradition and innovation, and to provide a refuge from the stresses of the day.

The word craft suggests the creation of something wonderful out of the best quality ingredients, using skills perfected by practice and knowledge. We use only the finest seasonal ingredients available, natural proteins, and local and sustainable produce whenever possible.

Everything we do we do with passion.

Our standard is excellence–in service, atmosphere and of course, food.



Restore Kitchen

1711 W. Lugonia Ave #101 Redlands CA 92374

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Restore Kitchen On State

➷ Farmhouse Cafe and Supper

➷ 615 W. State Street, Redlands, CA 92373

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